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Fred's Photo Gallery (Part I)

Hi, I am Fred and this is my story. Sit back and relax while I take you on a tour through the busy years of my life (and the other years, too).

I am not a big fan of baths. Here I am getting a cleaning on the deck of my Potomac estate. A quick story: Sometimes I would hang out on the deck by myself. The deck was not fully enclosed so a screen was used to prevent my escape. One windy day the screen blew over. I walked down the stairs to freedom and wandered around the neighborhood. An hour later Howard pulled up in his car. I eagerly jumped in. It was time for dinner.

I look back fondly on my early days in Potomac when I was permitted full utilization of the leather couch in all of its glory. I used my short, powerful legs to fling myself on board. After that it was time to settle in. Note that in this picture my head rests on one section of the couch, my body on another, and my tail on a different couch altogether. Couches are G-d's gift to me. Unfortunately, my reign over the couch was not endless. Once I started barking to indicate my displeasure with someone else utilizing a desired couch section, things started to change. Eventually I found that I was no longer welcome on the couch.

Although I am partial to the leather couch, other couches are also acceptable. Judging from my look of surprise, I may have been placed on the couch for purposes of this photograph.

Like this view of me by the front door? Then I recommend air travel.

Wow, I was young here. In this "ready" position I have easy access to the kitchen (behind me), basement (left), living room (right), and upstairs (straight ahead). Note that the chew toy is not in my mouth. Toys have never interested me much. Give me some food, a walk, some love, or all of them.

In early 1992 I killed a man in Mexico and was briefly incarcerated. I prefer not to talk about this part of my life.

Following my problems overseas, I enlisted in the military where I learned good posture.


I don't want Big Government in my medicine cabinet.

Wonder what I was looking at.

So much to think about.

I lose track of all the parties I attend.

I think the food at this bash was pretty good.

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